Alpaca Assisted Activities

What Is Alpaca Assisted Therapy?

Alpaca and animal assisted activities allows us to harness the calmness of these peaceful animals and pass these benefits on to adults and young people. Alpaca and animal assisted activities has proven benefits for improving the well-being of people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD) and other behavioural, learning, social and communication needs as well as individuals experiencing mental health problems. 


Our mission is toffer animal experiences in a safe environment in a group or 1:1 basis. We can work with other professionals to meet the needs and objectives set and we will report on progress throughout. 

We work with adults young people aged 12+ and anyone who may benefit from spending some time on the farm, taking part in nature based activities. 

What Do We Offer?

All our sessions are developed around the individual so we tailor make each programme to meet the needs of the individual. We can work alongside your organisation via referral or recommendation and we develop a programme in line with your current plan. 

We offer one-to-one sessions with parents/carers or small groups (maximum 4 individuals). Our programmes can be short term or long term and you can access this without a referral if you feel you will benefit.

We also offer sessions for groups and organisations too. So if you run a group who you think will benefit from working with our alpacas, please drop us a line to discuss your needs. 

Outcomes & Objectives

The individual goals and objectives set by you will vary but we aim to achieve the following during our programmes:

  • Relax and enjoy your time with us

  • Visualise your own feelings through the alpacas

  • Let go of any anger, fear, aggression and/or frustration

  • See the positive effects of your behaviour on the alpacas

  • Take responsibility for an animal

  • Utilise your new found calmness in other areas of your life

All our programmes are delivered at a pace to suit the individual. The animals offer the therapy and we facilitate the sessions. 

Visits to you

Our alpacas are regularly invited into care homes, schools and hospitals. The visit usually lasts around an hour and we bring two alpacas, two handlers, loads of treats and some fleece samples too. Please note, our therapy visits are charged only to cover our costs and we do not make any profit from them.

Who Can Benefit?

Alpaca Assisted Therapy can be incorporated into various programmes on a short term or long term basis.


Sessions can have a positive impact on:

  • Physical well-being

    • Improve fine motor skills​

    • Improve wheelchair skills

    • Improve standing and balance

    • Increase exercise

  • Mental well-being

    • Reduce anxiety​

    • Reduce lonliness

    • Access to the outdoors

  • Communication

    • Improve interactions with others​

    • Empathise with others

    • Enhance vocabulary

What Can You Expect?

Based upon a long term programme, we will introduce you to alpacas where you will learn and begin to understand their calming nature. You will provide them with food and water, learn to put a head collar on and walk them in a safe environment. 

Alpacas are sensitive creatures and they will pick up on any fear or anxieties. We will explain about movements around alpacas and how this can affect their behaviour, both positively and negatively.


There will be an opportunity to talk about their non-threatening behaviour and you will quickly take responsibility for the care of these sensitive animals. 

There will also be opportunities to spend time with some of our other animals and to take part in woodland activities. 

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