Full Name: Toft Cheslav
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 12/06/2015
Weight: 80kg
Colour: Solid White

Known as 'Mr Greedy' to his friends, Cheslav can hear the sound of the carrot box opening from the other side of the paddock! 


Full Name: Town End Emlyn
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 15/08/2014
Weight: 90kg
Colour: Mid Brown

Emlyn is known as 'Mr Handsome' as he is our only brown alpaca. He really is stunning, and he knows it! Him and Cheslav have a strong bond and have to be walked together.


Full Name: Knavesmire Cedric
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 18/08/2014
Weight: 90kg
Colour: Grey

Cedric is one of our oldest alpacas and is currently working on his halter etiquette. He is also classed as a breeding alpaca so he particularly handsome. His new best friend is Emlyn who won't leave his side; he copes very well with this!


Full Name: Prima Thanos
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 17/06/2013
Weight: 90kg
Colour: Solid Black

Thanos is our tallest alpaca and although he is very handsome, he is known as 'Mr Aloof'! His Mum was a high flyer so he has incredibly high standards!


Full Name: Why Not Sultan
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 09/08/2013
Weight: 90kg
Colour: Light Fawn

Sultan is a true 'Diva'! He has a bossy attitude and knows what he wants out of life! He is the boss of the herd and can be a tad stubborn if he can't see where everyone is on a walk!


Full Name: Why Not Sovereign
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 06/06/2013
Weight: 60kg
Colour: Solid White

Sovereign is our 'Mr Cute & Cuddly'. He is gentle, affectionate and really loving. He never does anything naughty except for raiding the carrot box without permission!


Full Name: Knavesmire Cornelius

Breed: Huacaya

Date of Birth: 09/08/2014

Weight: 95kg

Colour: Grey

Cornelius is our largest alpaca but he never asserts is authority with the rest of the herd. He is a stud male so is particularly handsome but he is not yet head collar trained so will be joining walks over winter for training. 


Full Name: Earl Grey

Breed: Huacaya

Date of Birth: 26/7/2017

Weight: 60kg

Colour: Light Brown & White

Earl is the sweetest boy in all the world. He is the first to run over and say hello and occasionally offer kisses too. Earl has really interesting facial markings and many people have likended him to a sloth...but we don't tell him that! 

Earl has no awareness of personal space, especially when the camera is around!


Full Name: Marshwood Vale Elliott
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 24/08/2015
Weight: 70kg
Colour: Mid Fawn

Elliott is fast becoming one of our sweetest alpacas. He is very shy and approaches with caution. He is recently halter trained and tends to stay at the back of the herd during a walk. He's not one for cuddles but he'll happily eat carrots from your hand.


Full Name: Fancy That
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 3/8/2017
Weight: 50kg
Colour: Brown & White

Pumpkin, formally known as 'Fancy That' arrived at Thornwood in October 2018. He is our silliest alpaca and thinks everything about life is brilliant! He is super sweet and a bit of an escape artist; he has been known to jump out of fields!


(not available for adoption)

Full Name: JandJ Titus
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 27/06/2018
Weight: 60kg
Colour: Black

Titus is actually a black alpaca although his winter fleece suggests otherwise. He is a very sensitive soul who doesn't like too many hugs and tends to think that everything is a monster! He is very handsome though and he gets along with the rest of the herd perfectly.


Full Name: Bramcote Hills Severino
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: 12/6/2018
Weight: 50kg
Colour: Light Brown 

Teddy is our top therapy alpaca who goes into the care homes and hospitals. He loves attention and will happily stand for a stroke and a carrot...if you offer him the whole bag he will take it though! Teddy's best friend is his brother, Theo and they walk very closely together when out trekking. 


Full Name: Oakvale Moonstar Maskell

Breed: Huacaya

Date of Birth: 30/06/2018

Weight: 50kg

Colour: Light Brown

Theo is our cheekiest alpaca! He is truly adorable and as part of our therapy team, he wins the hearts of everyone he meets. He is a cheeky habit of nibbling jacket toggles and other items of clothing and his best friend is his brother, Teddy. You very rarely see them apart. 


Full Name: Herbert Thornton-Feather

Breed: Lleyn (Welsh)

Date of Birth: 22/04/2016

Weight: 45kg

Colour: White

Herbert is one of the most loyal sheep you could ever wish to meet, especially if you have treats in your hand! He is extremely characterful and is always at the field gate with a warm greeting. He enjoys his walks with the alpacas and likes to cause trouble sometimes too!  


Full Name: Woodfield Thunder
Breed: Suri
Date of Birth: 25/05/2014
Weight: 90kg
Colour: Dark Brown 

Thunder is the trek leader for the B Team and have the confidence and leadership skill required for the job. He is a big lad but a gentle giant. he never gets involved in the fist cuffs with the rest of the herd and is a bit of a peace keeper. He loves carrots and will often put his head under your arm pit which makes it look like he may want a cuddle!


Full Name: Ceridfa Kai
Breed: Huacaya
Date of Birth: Unknown
Weight: 40kg
Colour: Brown

Kai is our smallest alpaca and an integral member of the therapy team. He is so sweet natured and is great for children to handle. He ignore the advance from Flame, you wants to be his very best friend and tends to spend time with Teddy and Theo in the field.  

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