AQA Unit Award Scheme

Achievement For All

The AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) is a 'can do' accreditation scheme for recognising learning and success. It rewards participants for personal progress and achievements which are often not recognised by more formal qualifications. 

  • Units can cover almost any subject or topic.

  • Units can be used with students of any age or ability

  • Almost any activity can be recognised

As an on-demand scheme, students complete units and receive certificates throughout the year so there is no waiting around until the end of term for progress to be celebrated. The Experience Thornwood team have been trained in delivery of AQA awards and have found it adds an extra dimension to our project work and longer term programmes. 

AQA Unit Awards: Animal Care

Examples of units include:

  • Introduction to Animal Care

  • Animal Husbandry: Mucking out a paddock

  • Engaging with animals with support

  • Animal Care: Routine care of a pet

  • Basic farm keeping

  • Animal Husbandry: Poultry

  • Animal Husbandry: Alpacas

AQA Unit Awards: Bushcraft & Woodland Skills

Examples of units include:

  • Introduction to Bushcraft & Survival skills

  • Fire lighting

  • Shelter, fire, water and food

  • Participating in a residential experience

AQA Unit Awards: Horticulture

Examples of units include:

  • Basic gardening skills

  • Wildlife gardening

  • Gardening tools: Preparing a plot of land

  • Community gardening project

  • Taking part in a gardening enterprise

AQA Unit Awards: Wildlife Conservation

Examples of units include:

  • Introduction to practical conservation

  • Conservation of a pond habitat

  • Designing and making a bird box

  • Taking part in a conservation project

  • Wildlife gardening

  • Wildlife photography

  • Planting trees and hedgerows

AQA Unit Awards: Teamwork & Personal Development

Examples of units include:

  • Basic teamwork skills

  • Teamwork in Outdoor Education

  • Teamwork in a willow plantation

  • Teamwork and positive attitude

  • Personal Development

AQA Unit Awards: Tailor Made

We can tailor make a unit and programme to suit the needs of your group so please drop us a line to discuss your requirements:

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